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David's Throne Destroyed? What does the word "overturn" mean?
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A certain individual has written:

"......Some who believe in Anglo-Israelism, as it is sometimes called, teach that the throne of David in Jerusalem was transferred three times: first from Jerusalem to Ireland, then to Scotland, and then to England, where it will remain until Jesus returns to transfer it back to Jerusalem. Ezekiel 21:27, with its three overturns (in the KJV), is used to support this theory, with overturn taken to mean 'transferred.'

However, check this passage in a contemporary translation. 'A ruin! A ruin! I will make it a ruin! It will not be restored until he comes to whom it rightfully belongs; to him I will give it' (NIV).

As most translations show, the sense of the Hebrew word used in Ezekiel 21:27 is ruination or utter destruction, not transference. The throne of David is overturned in the sense of spilled milk and certainly cannot be used to support the idea of three transfers. Furthermore, the verse makes it clear that the throne will remain in a state of ruin until he (the Messiah) comes to whom it rightfully belongs." (Focus on Truth, Aug. 85).

Do most translations show, as the writer states, the sense of the Hebrew word used in Ezek.21:27 to mean ruination or utter destruction? The Amplified Bible gives it as OVERTHROW, which does not necessarily mean ruination or utter destruction. The New KJV translates as 'OVERTHROWN, overthrown, I will make it overthrown.' The Living Bible still retains the word as OVERTURN.

Now even if you could show that more translations render it as 'ruin' or 'utter destruction' than 'overturn' - that of itself would prove nothing. It is the meaning of the Hebrew word that counts and the sure word of God's promise to David that holds the truth.

The Hebrew word we are looking at is number 5754 in Strong’s Concordance. It is only used in this one place in the OT. Strong's says: "avvaw; intens. From 5753 abbrev.; overthrow: -overturn."

As for number 5753 Strong's says "awvaw; a prim. root; to crook, lit.or fig. (as follows): - do amiss. bow down. make crooked, commit iniquity, pervert, (do) perverse (ly), trouble, turn, do wickedly, do wrong."

The 'THEOLOGICAL WORDBOOK of the Old Testament' says concerning this word ' avvaw ' page 651,

"This noun occurs only in Ezk 21:27(32), where it is used three times to express a superlative degree. The ASV translates this word 'overturn', associating it with the root 'awa,' 'bend...." Under the word "awa" the above TWOT on page 650 gives it as meaning "bend, twist, distort."

Look at the PROMISE God gave to David concerning his throne.

"I have found David my servant; with my holy oil have I anointed him......... My mercy will I keep for him for ever more, and my COVENANT shall STAND FAST with him. His SEED also will I make to endure forever, and HIS THRONE AS THE DAYS OF HEAVEN. If his children forsake my law, and walk not in my judgments; If they break my statutes, and keep not my commandments, then will I visit their transgression with the rod, and their iniquity with stripes. Nevertheless my lovingkindness will I not utterly take from him, nor suffer my faithfulness to fail. My COVENANT WILL I NOT BREAK, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips. Once have I SWORN by my HOLINESS that I will not lie unto David. HIS SEED SHALL ENDURE FOREVER AND HIS THRONE AS THE SUN BEFORE ME. IT SHALL BE ESTABLISHED FOR EVER AS THE MOON, AND AS A FAITHFUL WITNESS IN HEAVEN." (Psalm.89:20-37).

How simple how plain to understand. Even a child can understand, yet many who claim to believe God and His word WILL NOT BELIEVE this SWORN PROMISE of God to David. How can this same God be telling us in Ezk.21:27 that He is going to BREAK that promise to David and bring his throne to utter destruction, as some unbelievers want us to believe?

All that the Eternal God is telling us in Ezekiel is that He is going to BEND, TWIST, TURN that throne of David from Jerusalem - bend, twist, turn it yet again in time once more - then even yet another time, bend, twist, turn it over. After which, as the Hebrew reads "It shall be no. It shall be no more WHAT? No more in existence? With the sure unconditional promise God made to David, of course not! It shall be no more BENT, or TURNED over, until he comes (the Messiah) whose right it is, then it shall be bent, twisted and turned over once more for the final and last time in history.

Was the throne of David brought to RUIN for Jerusalem - was it brought to utter destruction for Jerusalem? To be sure it was!

That throne left Jerusalem and went to Ireland with Jeremiah. Was that throne of David brought to ruin , brought to utter destruction for the Irish and the city it dwelt in? To be sure it was! That throne was taken to Scotland.

Was that throne of David brought to ruin for the Scots? To be sure it was. That throne was taken to England, where it has never moved. Three BENDS, three TWISTS, three TURNS, three times that throne was brought to ruin for some people, BUT NEVER DID IT STOP TO EXIST!

When I say it was moved or bent or came to utter destruction for the Irish and then the Scottish, and has remained for the Anglo-Saxons, we are talking about the LINE of decent, not that physical stone under the "Coronation Chair" although it also went with the bending of the line of decent. Today that physical stone is in the "care of" the Scots, but they only "care for it" - when the next king or queen of Britain is coroneted, that stone will come back to Westminster Abbey and be placed back under the Coronation Chair for the service of crowning the next monarch of the British Empire and Commonwealth.

If that throne of David ever came to an end, if it ever stopped existing on this earth then God is proved a LIAR - He is proved unable to bring to pass what He claims is an everlasting promise. If that be so then His word is untrue and broken and need not be counted as inspired. If God is not able to keep that which He has committed, then He is a dead God with a dead word. IT IS JUST THAT SERIOUS!!

But the real focus on the real truth is that God is true to His word and promises. David's THRONE DOES EXIST ON EARTH TODAY!

There are numerous books and booklets written on this subject of where the Israelite Tribes migrated to since the days of Moses, at the time of the Exodus (yes some parts of tribes "split off" under Moses and never did enter the "Promised Land" but wandered away into parts of Europe), and where they migrated to when the House of Israel was taken captive by the Assyrians from 745 to 718 B.C.