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By Peter Salemi


Rolling Stone's Cover with Justin Trudeau


Peter Salemi Tweeted "I don't think America wants a communist-muslim sympathizer for #POTUS maybe #RollingStone does? But not the USA!"

How do American feel about this article?

Global reports:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the cover of Rolling Stone, with a glowing review from our American friends. The magazine thoroughly compares Trudeau to Donald Trump on everything from his politics to personal style.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears on the cover of Rolling Stonemagazine’s August issue, and not everyone is happy about it.

Rolling Stone released its August edition on Wednesday, and the cover included a photo of the prime minister and the headline, “Why can’t he be our president?”


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The hashtag #BoycottRollingStone sprung up in response to the cover, helped along by Americans charging the magazine with a lack of patriotism.

Red voted @realDonaldTrump. Blue will soon be your only market. Hope you have strong sales in Canada, you'll need it.


In addition, Fox News aired several segments to discuss the magazine’s cover choice on Wednesday and Thursday, HuffPost reported.

Fox News hosts derided the Canadian government’s decision to settle a lawsuit brought by Omar Khadr for $10.5 million as unpatriotic.

Much of the distaste with the Rolling Stone cover on social media also referenced the Khadr settlement. Reports have also suggested that Trudeau’s magazine cover could have a negative impact on the NAFTA negotiations.

Shame on @RollingStone for supporting @JustinTrudeauwho paid millions to a terrorist that killed a U.S. Soldier 


Justin Trudeau traitor. Don't U know Trudeau gave 10.5 million $ to the terrorist who killed American soldiers? 

However, Canadians aren’t so fond of the cover story either. In addition to some Canadian news outlets calling out the magazine for inaccuracies in the story, many publications published rebuttal stories simply explaining why they didn’t like it.

The National Post put out a piece not only correcting technical details such as the Rolling Stone author referring to the Liberal Party as the “Liberty Party,” but also critiqued his perception of Trudeau’s relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump. Beyond this, Macleans magazine published a piece about the story’s “10 most cringeworthy lines.”

The profile covers a wide range of subjects, including Trudeau’s political history and his policy on Syrian refugees.

The article goes on to compare Trudeau to Trump on everything from his political positions to his sense of style.

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Good to see Common sense Americans commenting against left wing media bias.